Simon Strong, Bborn in Vietnam 1974, is an Australian photographer. The time he works on a single image ranges from a few weeks to 9 months. Combining Eastern with Western influences in his photography, that often are about dreams and memories, make up the body of work from Strong. His heavily layered and constructed photographs seem both familiar and surreal at the same time. He likes to trigger our perception of the possible and defines his work as “photographic composite.”

In his new body of work, Simon Strong develops his on-going fascination with the theatrical space of digital photography and particularly with the variety of ways in which darkness can be contrived and represented by using artificial light, often informed by the tricks and techniques of contemporary cinematography.

I don’t feel so concerned anymore that my work needs to be immediately comprehensible. I’m consciously allowing concepts to evolve and develop in a less linear fashion. I’m enjoying the possibilities presented by a more enigmatic or mysterious tone…where you only get glimpses of what may be a more encompassing psycho- drama…

– Simon Strong

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