New Industrial Design depends on design concepts to comprehend thoughts for new products in an original process most important the path to true novelty. New industrial design creates practical designs that accommodate present day and take in the knowledge of tomorrow.


Under is sequence of attractive new industrial design.



Multifunctional Furniture Modules EQUALIZE

Olga Kalugina

EQUALIZE is a multifunctional set of fixtures which is gifted to alter figure allowing the user to make their individual unique living space.




Audi Shark

by Mert TOL

Audi’s Shark design idea won the planet Auto Design competition in 2009. It’s safe, quick, and at ease; three key features in some new design.




I bike Concept design

by Reindy Allendra

Reindy’s design of a innovative bike accommodates a lot of features that up to date life has deemed essential such as an iPod holder.




Letout Outlet – concept

by Damjan Stankovic

Plug sockets are ugly! Not only that, a good number populace uses adapters to boost the number of ports making a bundle of high voltage electrical wires. This design gives an elegant result.




MacView. The personal library

by Patrycjusz Brzezinski

The Apple iPad has extremely few issues but one thing regulars do desire is a real keyboard. This device brings that and extra. Click the link to find out more.




Future of Internet Search: Mobile version

by Mac Funamizu

Augmented actuality is almost certainly one of the majority popular prospect concepts at the instant. This idea is for a device that has a camera, touch screen show, Wi-Fi, Google Maps and a scanner in one to change the method we see the world. The camera displays what it is pointed at with a entire novel range of information not obtainable to the uncovered eye using the internet.





Pocket Light

Harc Lee

Ryan Harc’s design is almost certainly one of the densest sources of light you will still see. Unlike a torch, its flat sufficient to fit in a wallet yet gives an adequate soft light.





Nuno Teixeira

If you desire a larger work area, using double screens is the most excellent system? Actually, no! iView has a great deal larger work area than present screens but quite than being flat, it’s bent in a way that respects the eye which in the end gives you a at ease workstation.





Onur Karaalioglu

The iCup design from Onur uses a USB port establish in computers and a huge number of other devices to warm your preferred drink in the office, backyard or anywhere else.




Untitled Chair

Alessandro Bêda

This novel chair design cleverly changes form based on the size and mass of the user.





Paulina Carlos

Froot is a computer idea which projects equally the screen and keyboard sense no external devices are desirable.





D’ and Camillo Vanacore

Inspired from the chlorophyllous photosynthesis procedure, this new idea uses sunlight to influence and indoor/outdoor lamp.




Concept Phone “Magic Stone”

Aleksander Mukomelov

This idea phone is one more winner of the 2009 Reddot Design honor; the novel mobile design idea provides a completely futuristic look to the mobile device that includes condition of the art functions such as screen projection, a virtual keyboard and document scanning. The mobile its nano material surface as a supply to change sun light to energy.




Kitchen folding table

Olga Kalugina

This idea of a kitchen table which doubles up as a storage element is a ideal example of how designs are ever more and more becoming extra flexible.




Pod à porter

Michiel Cornelissen

iPod Shuffles’ are tiny devices so it’s not forever simple to find a convenient, secure technique of keeping hold of them. This solution attaches the device to your neck in  at ease manner.





Shane Crozier

Social networking to the subsequently level. It’s a device that allows you to state your emotions remotely. The procedure involves giving the device to somebody and then calculating it with a computer to get better emotional statement.




Cipher – Drinking glass concept

Damjan Stankovic

These Cipher drinking glasses are equally easy and compound at the equal time. While unfilled, the glasses come into view to be a mosaic; while full, they show the name of the drink in the glass. The colored strips are situated in a way which allows them to spell out the name of the drink based on its color.




Rubik’s lamp

Eric Pautz

This idea is known as the Rubiks lamp, it’s an attractive mixture of the classic Rubiks cube which consists of 26 cubes, also lamps. The deal of the cubes changes the colors & reflections.




Mobile living module

Olga Kalugina

BLOOM is a moveable living unit that is completely self sufficient. It is a modular system allowing you to add additional living space. Homes are attractive smaller which is why this is a perfect solution for a home in the prospect.




Faucet « Water Symphony»

Aleksander Mukomelov

This new tap design serves its idea by improving cleanliness; the user is able to manage the tap by voice and hand motion eliminating require to physically touch the tap which avoids transferring bacteria & microbes.


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