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Desktop Motif Websites

20 Website Designs with a Desktop Motif

Desktop designs incorporate coffee mugs, post-it notes, and iphones among other common workplace items. Enjoy browsing these 20 desktop-inspired website designs.

Designing a website to appear like a desk or office workspace is becoming more and more popular. There’s something comfortable about a design that resembles the place it was probably created. Many of these designs feature common elements (pencils, coffee, and computers) but there are also some unique doo-dads tucked away. Enjoy browsing this collection of desktop designs and maybe it will inspire you to design a site based on where you work.


Martyn Palmer

Icreon Design Studio


Graphic Evidence

Shawn Johnston

Cyber Eyes

Web Design Updates


Carbon Sugar

Sko Design Lab

Simple Art

Ekin Yalgin


The Piss Biscuit

Emrah Duzer

Five Points Interactive

Happy Tapper

Art Flavours

Studs Up

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